Funding STEAM education to meet the growing demands of a new digital economy

There is a massive divide in the size of the skilled workforce that is available to fill the gap dictated by the rapid growth of data analytics jobs. StatSquad, with the support of sponsors and school districts, is helping our schools build a workforce to match the needs of a new digital economy.

The StatSquad program, which is partially funded by corporate support like yours, provides an opportunity for students to collect, input, edit and analyze scholastic athletic program data in a highly collaborative environment. Participants will be asked to discuss and make data based observations to foster critical thinking. The program will also provide continuous improvement to athletics by delivering quality information to the online platform to make a deeper connection with the community of students and families.

The StatSquad curriculum was developed in a partnership between NAS and renown statistician Tim Chartier, associate professor of mathematics and computer science at Davidson College. StatSquad is modeled after a program that Chartier successfully implemented at Davidson between his students and the basketball program. "NAS provides us the opportunity to introduce a collegiate-prep statistics program at the high school level and build broader excitement for students by tying it into the passion of athletics," said Chartier. "StatSquad provides a relatable environment for students to see how data can influence better-informed decisions, and allows coaching staffs and athletes to see the benefit of using analytics as a tool to better position themselves for success."