Driving revenue and cost savings to school districts

NAS reduces the financial and administrative burden of sports programs, and expands and creates revenue streams. Our custom online solution engages students, faculty and families to deepen the community’s relationship with your sports programs. And our StatSquad Program uses athletics as a means to build upon the emphasis of STEAM education.

NAS has extensive experience in sports marketing, information technology, project management, business operations, strategy and athletics. We built this program to help administrators and educators bridge two widening gaps:

  • Funding cuts that threaten the future of athletic budgets
  • The lack of STEAM educated workers skilled to meet the rapid growth of jobs in data analytics

StatSquad is a fully-funded after school athletic-based program that provides learning opportunities and hands-on experience for high school students in the areas of information, digital media and data analytics.

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NAS web-based platform reduces the financial and administrative burden of sports programs while increasing revenue tied to athletics and building community support around your students and their families.

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