Union County Public Schools has partnered with National Amateur Sports (NAS) to launch a new district-wide, multi-media athletics website. The site will include information regarding ten high schools in the area, as well as, additional contact information for middle school sports.

The multi-media platform will provide administrators with the option to automate many tasks required by athletic staff and coaches. It was created with the intention to strengthen the Union County Public Schools athletics program by providing a single media hub for all programs and communications.

Beginning this school year, each high school will have its own site with information about game scores, video highlights, photos, rosters, statistics and team standings. Parents are encouraged to access the site and register to receive information from coaches and athletic directors.

The site, www.ucpsathletics.com, is operated by NAS Athletics.

For more information on Union County Public Schools Athletics, go to www.ucpsathletics.com.