National Amateur Sports is Partnering with Game of Inches High School Sports Brand to Execute Content Strategy Across the Southeast Region

National Amateur Sports (NAS) is partnering with Game of Inches High School Sports to provide student-athletes, coaches, and fans with consistent high school sports across NAS-represented school districts. The content strategy will include district-wide highlights, score updates, game day photos, high quality graphics, and exclusive interviews all in one convenient location.

The new platform will become a positive content and news outlet for every NAS school district and their athletic programs.

“The Game of Inches social media accounts will give families, fans, and supporters up to date information and highlights from all high schools district-wide,” explained NAS Executive Producer, Mike Moore. “Our mission is to celebrate the accomplishments of the student athletes, coaches, and teams across the district.”

“We are so excited to bring Game of Inches HS to other school districts and provide innovative coverage for every school across multiple districts,” said Logan Carter, Content Coordinator at NAS. “Game of Inches HS has always shown high school sports in a positive light for all teams and we cannot wait to continue that success in other districts with NAS.”

Game of Inches HS has already started producing digital content for a variety of schools across the state and will continue to capture engaging high school sports content across multiple NAS school districts this Fall. For a sneak peak at what student-athletes, parents, and fans can expect, please visit the following social media accounts:

Twitter: @GameofInchesHSS

Instagram: @gameofincheshs

National Amateur Sports