Why are sports Important?

NAS believes strongly about the importance of sports. High School athletes have higher GPA’s and learn leadership, discipline and teamwork skills through sports.


What is the Problem?

State budget cuts are tearing at the very fabric of extracurricular opportunities and stretching budgets and working hours to a breaking point.

An Estimated 27% of US Public Schools will not have sports by 2020.

Low Income families are 4X more likely to decrease participation in sports due to costs.

The Nas Solution

National Amateur Sports Brings Schools, Communities, and Corporations
together by building a Community-wide Digital Network.

Schools Need

Athletic Funding
Administrative Solutions
Community Engagement

Our digital network Builds efficiencies in communication, Simplifies the registration process and Reduces inequities across schools.

Corporations Want

Advertising Effectiveness
Brand Esteem
Community Goodwill

National Amateur Sports