Our Mission

National Amateur Sports (NAS) is a sports marketing and media company developing relationships to change the business of scholastic athletics. By creating innovative assets, we are enhancing the experience for the high school community and improving daily operations for athletics programs. NAS delivers aggregated content and access that builds a sustainable model for school district athletics.

Changing the business of high school sports

NAS believes in high school athletics, and we are here to connect those who can make a positive, lasting difference to schools and students. We also believe in equality, diversity and inclusion across schools within districts, so our programming works to raise the tide to lift all boats.

An Estimated 27% of US Public Schools will not have sports by 2020.

Low Income families are 4X more likely to decrease participation in sports due to costs.

The Nas Solution

National Amateur Sports Brings Schools, Communities, and Corporations
together by building a Community-wide Digital Network.

Schools Need

Athletic Funding
Administrative Solutions
Community Engagement

Our digital network Builds efficiencies in communication, Simplifies the registration process and Reduces inequities across schools.

Corporations Want

Advertising Effectiveness
Brand Esteem
Community Goodwill

National Amateur Sports